Mar 14, 2012

Corporate Retreat – Company Private Lodge

Exclusive island estate - the ideal corporate retreat!

A common practice of many companies is to hold important internal meetings off premises. Usually this is reserved for creative thinking or planning sessions where the goal is to minimize interruptions and provide an atmosphere that is relaxing and comfortable.  Such an environment stimulates thinking and has proven to be an investment that yields excellent returns.

As a result, many large companies can justify acquiring a retreat or recreational facility to accommodate their need to host offsite meetings in a private and comfortable setting. This particular property could easily be converted into an ideal corporate retreat.


The existing facilities, the gourmet kitchen and numerous bathrooms can easily accommodate large groups of people and the offices could be converted into bedrooms providing additional sleeping quarters.  There is 7,500 sq. feet of living space and much of it can be modified or built-out for any purpose.


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