Nov 25, 2011

Could this be America's finest log home estate?

In the real estate business they have a saying that 'location' is the most important factor in determining a property's value. If that is true, the location of this log home estate catapults it to the top of any list. One of the most desirable places to live in the United States is NW Montana, specifically Whitefish MT.  Whitefish Lake is perhaps one of the most breathtaking settings imaginable; crystal clear water surrounded by snow covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Whitefish Lake has only one island, and on that 10+ acre private island is a 7,500+ sq. ft. handcrafted custom log home. The home offers state-of-the-art luxurious living in a secluded, natural setting. The craftsmanship of this beautiful home old-world perfection.
To be certain, there are more expensive log homes and there are even larger log homes in North America, but nowhere will you find the combination of quality log home living and a location that has no equal. In upcoming posts I will share more of what I have learned about this property and why I believe that this just could be America's finest log home estate.